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Finally made the testimonials!
15 year quest 100's of hours in a tree.

Thank GOD for this blessing right here in up state New York !

Yup Perrys No Peep and Steady Form gave me the confidence to make the shot!

Finally I made the testimonial page, couldn't be more thankful.

Not about inches of antler, It's about the GOD given experience.

Thank you, Perry

I put my name and reputation behind Perrys No Peep any day!

I had a very successful 2014 using your No Peep Sight!
Hi Perry    
I wanted to show you the 2014 Montana bull that I shot using a Perrys No Peep sight.  I harvested this bull within the first couple minutes of legal shooting time, so it was still pretty dark when I made the shot.  But that wasn’t a problem with my PNP!   I am nearly blind in my non-dominant eye and am forced to wear glasses.  Due to these factors a regular peep does not work well for me - its even hard for me to use a peep in good light.  I tried several types of peep alternatives until I tried the Perrys No Peep.  It is by far the best peep alternative that I’ve used.  I don’t see myself ever using anything else.  Thanks for a great product!
Mike Williams

Honestly, I love this sight!
I just wanted to give a shout out to Perrys No Peep. This buck was taken Nov 2 ,2014 with a v4 PNP. I have taken a few real nice deer with this sight on my bow but this is my biggest to date. This sight is really all it's cracked up to be! It's built very well and gives an additional 5 to 10 minutes shooting time. PNP gives me a lot more confidence than a peep ever did and it's made in America by a heck of a guy! Honestly I love this sight! Also Perry's customer service is top notch if you do have any issues or questions, Thanks Perry God Bless all.

Perry's sight is the best
I harvested this buck on November 5th in Iowa with my Elite Bow and Perrys No Peep sight. Perrys sight is the best, if you are a serious bow hunter.
It forces you to have a consistent, and proper form when shooting from a tree stand, and performs best in low light conditions.
29 years bow hunting experience trust me Perrys No Peep is the real deal.

Anthony New Jersey.

Awesome product!
I purchased what was one of your first lefty newest generation 2011 Perrys no-peep sight systems.
Awesome product! I’m extremely happy with it! I have had recent success shooting my biggest deer in low light conditions, that would have kept a traditional peep-equipped bow hanging on the bow hook. Your claim that the sight allows an additional 10 minutes of hunting is no joke! Made all difference in the world.

Take care, Bj McDonald

Great season with my Perrys No Peep!
Hi Perry,
I had a very successful 2014 using your No Peep Sight!!
I took a spring bear and a fall bear in 2014. As most people know, bears are a challenge even in good light, as they do not have a “crease” to aim at. Their belly/belly hair compound the problem, leading to advice to aim at the “center of the center”. Adding to this, is of course, the problem with all bow hunting, that of low light conditions! I have now taken 20 bears with the bow and will say without doubt, your NO peep sight completely addresses that aiming point issue on bears!
In  addition, in 2014 I also took an 10 Pt buck and an 8 Pt with the No Peep. The 8 Pt was at the very last few minutes of legal shooting on a completely cloudy day. I would never have been able to take the shot with my old (now in the garbage, along with its rubber tube) sight.
Thanks for a great product,
Harold Hergott Ontario Canada.

Great buck using Perry's No Peep
I shot this 8 point using your sight this archery season with my Mission Venture bow.


Highly recommend PNP for all bowhunters!
Installed Perrys No Peep after trying many similar products and it was not long before I realized that I had to look no further. The advantage of the rear alignment pin destroys all other torque elimination and vertical alignment rear sights.
One cloudy morning, early Connecticut bow season I saw a beautiful 10 point skirting around a hillside away from me. I settled and in a little while I heard a noise behind me and I made the mistake of turning and looking at the squirrel that sounded like a deer. When I turned back I saw on the hill 30 yards away the same 10 point buck with his head down staring at me, I froze and slowly looked down till all I could see was his feet. After 10 minutes he turned and walked down the hill, along a stone wall and stopped about 40 yards away to eat. I raised my bow, still seated, and lined up my Perrys No Peep front and rear pins, a clean pass through and he ran about 40 yards and piled up on an access road. A short drag and now he is still staring at me, but now it is from my dining room wall.
I highly recommend Perrys No Peep for all bow hunters, it allows for better vision, sight picture, low light target acquisition and positive torque control from any position.
Bruce Conroy - CT Bow Hunter

Glad I wasn't looking through a peep sight!
This old Ohio buck came in quick in very low light conditions,my PNP perform to perfection!
Glad I wasn't looking thru a peep sight, Thanks for an awesome sight Perry

Frank Schneider owner Bow-a-constrictor bow press.

No More Low-Light issues!
Perry, I have been bowhunting for 23 years.I had the usual problems with low light conditions and peeps.I began looking for an alternative.I discovered the Anchor sight and liked it so much that over several years I went through 2 of them on several different bows.A couple of years ago I heard of the Perrys No Peep and was intrigued with its claims.After much info searching I was convinced of its simplicity and design,so I purchased one for my 2014 hunting season.Here is the buck I got that season using the a BlackGold Perrys No Peep.Although I really liked and did well with the Anchor sight,I find that the PNP does all it does but excels when it comes to target acquisition. My PNP is much faster in this respect.The anchor sight is in my peripheral vision and I find myself taking my eyes off the target pin and target to look at it. Perrys No Peep is right there with your 20 yard pin,dot to dot.If your anchor point is consistent you will be dot to dot and ready.
Thanks again, Jack

I will never go back to using an obsolete peep sight again!
I will never go back to using an obsolete peep sight again!
People, PNP is the real deal! I killed this buck at a barely legal low light situation in the wee minutes of first light. I could've never done that with my old conventional setup! Not to mention how quickly I can now aquire my target and execute. I've shot woodchuck at 40 yards with Perrys no peep! Try it, and you'll never go back!

2015 Fall NJ Buck
Thanks again to Perry for making an awesome product that I would never go bow hunting without. I shot this Buck on November 2nd at last light.
 If it wasn't for my Perrys No Peep sight  I would have never been able to take and make the shot at this buck! Thanks Perry!!!

Way to go on a most excellent sight.
Way to go on a most excellent sight. I was invited to do a little white tail hunting in Kansas the end of November. It was Saturday evening and I had just gotten in the tree stand when I watched and nice 8 point enter the corn field about 600 meters away. This guy could have gone in so many directions, however he decided to make a mistake and walk the west side of the field and then cut east right in front of me. At 50 meters he cleared some brush and chose to walk from my right to my left going east. At 35 meters I gave a slight grunt, stopping him and with green pin next to green I put my 30 and 40 meter pins on a spot right behind his shoulder and then when I was on the spot between the two pins I let fly. It was a through and through, turning the buck and with in 30 seconds the fellow laid over. No light problems and instantly on target with the no peep system. Thanks Perry, the system works exactly the way it's advertised. My son uses the system and I defiantly tell my friends about the No Peep system; no worries about light or a rubber cords breaking or seeing pins through a peep sight.

Thank you again,

Shooting releive for my eye sight problems!
I have been archery hunting since I was 12yrs old.I lost my sight in my dominant (right eye) in 2005.
I had trouble shooting accurately in a consistent way for 7 yrs. I tried numerous archery sights and even home made ones with no success.
I started shooting left handed but at 55 yrs old it was not going well.I was about to face it and give up and go to a crossbow,
then my brother bought the Perrys No Peep sight at an outdoor show and asked if I wanted to try it.
It was easy to set up and I noticed the difference after my first 3 arrows.I ordered one for myself and told Perry my problem an he made it so
I could mount the sight on the inside of my riser. I haven't shot this good in 8yrs and I harvested a great buck this year!
I also noticed I shoot better at 30 and 35 yards than ever. I Thank you so much for keeping archery hunting alive in my life as a right handed archer.

Thank you, Dan Panighetti

Your sight system is superior.

At first I had to get used to your system. I wasn't used to sighting on the right side of my bowstring. But, after many "missed" chances at Axis Deer, Mouflon Sheep, and Feral pigs; when my peep sight on my bow string had twisted out of alignment and all I would see was black.........I decided to try your Peepless sight to end my fustrations.

After a little practice; your sight system is superior to other systems and is "self correcting" as far as proper anchor, head cant, and torquing of the bow. Just line up the two green dot sight pins, 20 yd. pin and rear sight pin, and every shot is perfectly and consistently aligned. All you have to do is your part as an Archer and accuracy is like a second thought. My groups quickly shrunk from baseball size groups at 20 yards to golf ball sized groups after installing your Perrys No Peep I have to be careful and not shoot more than one arrow at each spot...."Robin Hoods" are nice.......the first time......but can get expensive !!!!!!!

I just got another "Hawaiian Feral Pig" the other day. Fourteen yards and a perfect heart shot. Mahalo Nui Loa, Perry, Aloha from Hawaii.

Eric Wong
Honolulu, Hawaii

This is the best bow sight sytem for opposite eye dominance.
Kudos to Perry for manufacturing an outstanding bow sight. Hands down, this is the best bow sight system for right handed people shooting with their left dominant eye. It is well designed and constructed of quality materials. I've used a peep sight for 35 years before switching over and can honestly say my groups are tighter than they've ever been plus, you eliminate the negatives of a peep sight.

PNP sight should be sold in every sporting goods store. If you are right hander who is left eye dominant, don't spend the time and money converting to a left handed bow. Use Perry's No Peep system. Sighting in was quick and easy. After a couple hours of sighting in and practice I was ready to hunt.

Jeff Hollar - Iowa

More success with my PNP
Love this sight!

Jim Litmer

First Robin Hood shot!
Wanted to share some shots of my first ever Robin Hood shot!  I posted these on Reddit and was accused of staging the shot!   I’m telling you it’s legitimate and your sight,  made it look this way!  Thanks Perry
Warmest Regards,      Ray Wolff      

Water buffalo with PNP!
Dan from Blue Collar Outdoors 1st bow kill with my new High country X12 / Perrys No Peep alignment pin / Black gold sight. 1000lb water buffalo cow at Razzor Ranch in Florida.

Two 30 yd arrows hit their mark! PNP reduces my head rotation and allows a much improved view to my target wearing glasses. Loosing my kisser button days before the hunt, the rear alignment pin gave me the alignment and confidence to make the shot.

Thanks again,

Thanks Perry!
Hi Perry,

Thanks for your no peep sight! I appreciate the timely shipping and great technical help you gave me for setting the sight up.
I got this guy in New Jersey second week of November, it was a great hunt. Thanks again!


Great group!
Perry, the groups are improving!

Jeff F

Cow Elk in CO
Beautiful day in the mountains of Colorado.

Cow elk with my Hoyt and PNP !

Another wild Hawaiian pig down with PNP
My first compound bow hunt was 4 years ago.
A brand new bow, not even a week old and I had a nice Axis deer spike down with a heart shot. We waited to see if any other deer would come by and nice buck appeared, gave me a close15 yd shot, I drew back but could not see it. The peep sight was a skewed and I could not even see the pins.
From that moment on, through the years, I have gone through basically all of the no peep archery sights on the market. They all work.
Although, there usually is thing to it that needs improvement.
It is either construction, micro pin adjustments, some don’t work as good in low light or at night. etc . etc.
The peepless sight sequence is usually a rife type “V” to align a bottom pin or top pin…or a center bubble dot.
The problem with these types of sight sequences is your eye is moving back and forth from the alignment to the yardage pin to the animal …alignment , yardage pin , animal.
With Perry’s No Peep sight, the alignment pin sits right next to your 20 yard pin. Your eye is not traveling back and forth to check another set point. Everything is at one place and, it is a very exact alignment.
The construction build is solid, micro pin adjustments are great, pins are bright; in low light, in blinds or at night, the pins can be illuminated.
It is the most “compact” sight sequence on the market. Simple and effective.
I had just bought it and within the week, had this spot and stalk boar down …no problems..simple and effective.
(The only drawback is I might have to order another one for my other bow. )

Mahalo, Perry for a great product!

Doug Young, Honolulu

PNP is deadly accurate!
Thank again Perry

PNP is a deadly accurate, low light killing machine,


I need another PNP for my new bow!
Aloha Perry,

Perry no peep sight does it again! Behind the ear shot…just missed the spine.
Bowtech Assassin #53, Victory VAP arrows, Hartcraft broad head, Aerovanes/outserts

Which leads me to decide….after reading my testimony on your website, that I really do need to order another black gold for my bowtech overdrive.
will give you a call.
Thanks, Doug Young

Grouping well @ 30 yards!

Here are the photos I promised.  I was shooting at 30 yards. Really enjoying your system.

Here's the results. 


Thanks for a great product!
Hi Perry, Here's a couple of pics after tuning in my PNP.

I'm still a beginner. I have taken less than 500 shots since I started
this sport in January. I've taken videos of myself and had many seasoned
archers critique my form. All appeared well, but I was very
inconsistent. Sometimes I would get a great grouping, sometimes I was
wondering what the heck I was aiming at!

Once the PNP was set up I discovered that my form was rarely ever
exactly same. I did the close eyes then open eyes test (which I always
"passed" with a peep) but with the PNP, the pins were not perfectly
lined up consistently shot after shot. Something was almost always off:
anchor point slightly higher or lower, my head was tilted a bit too much
one way, torquing the bow too much, twist in my wrist etc etc. It was
pretty revealing.

A slight change in whatever was off would line the pins back up and I
would be on target. With the PNP, I am getting a better "feel" for what
my proper form should be and with more practice, I'm sure it will help
me develop repeatable good shooting form more than a peep would.

Thanks for a great product Perry, Francis Lee

Great sight, will be recommending to my friends!
Hi Perry,
I just sighted in my bow with your sight and was very pleased with the results. My groups were tight and consistent out to fifty yards. I have tried other rear sights, namely the …… .. and found that it does not live up to its advertising. It only shows left and right error and you really have to keep your peep, contrary to what the manufacturer says.
In my opinion yours is the real deal and the other is just a gimmick. Great sight, I will be recommending it to my friends.

Bruce Conroy

Using my "good" vision "left eye" for aiming!
Just want to thank you for your time, well worth it to me, at 63 yr. old right hand, right eye dominate, but with very poor vision in my right eye.
Putting the sight on the left side of my riser I now use my "good" vision "left eye" for aiming.

It works incredibly well! By putting the string on my nose and closing my right eye, it seems almost natural. I can not believe how I'm grouping ( best ever in 40+ yrs.).
I thought I was not going to be able to bow hunt anymore, and that would be very disheartening.
Was easy to setup, the sight is very well made, with very good machining detail and workmanship.
Thanks for a great sight, and a new opportunity to continue my passion.

Bill, Northwest Illinois