Increase your confidence in the woods or at the range.

US Patent 8,166,662 B2

PNP see the target and any obstructions, for a fast and accurate shot placement every time!
Follow a walking deer through brush or timber at full draw!

PNP 3 easy steps for sighting in PNP. If you torque the bow, change your anchor point,
grip, or nose position, pnp will give you instant feed back at full draw.

PNP is great for teaching a new archer to shoot, when the pins don’t line up they are not sure why?
Just give them pointers, your grip is tight...your nose position has changed does your anchor feel comfortable?
Are the pins dot-to-dot now? New archer or 40 years experience, pnp will indicate repeatable form every shot!

Maximum low light vision. In the heat of the moment, in extreme low light conditions, you can count on PNP,
add 8-10 minutes to every hunt in low light.

Perrys No Peep offers up to 7 pin models that can be set up for dominant or non - dominate eye aiming.